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Zip Instruction

Please Notice, SIGN UP with partpay first.

Q: How do I get my instore voucher code? (Registered Partpay Customers)

 A: 1. Open the link

     2. Login your account

     3. Click on 'In-Store' at top right corner of screen.

     4. Click 'Create In-Store Code'

     5. System will generate an in-store voucher code.

     6. Pass that code to us through the chatting window at bottom right corner.

     7. Tell us your order, then we could process your order with this in-store voucher code.

     8. Press Approve on your computer

     9. All done.

If you need a delivery service, please talk to us first, as price on the website is delivery cost excluded.

So we could add the delivery service cost on your order.

Any questions, please talk to us in the pop up window, leave your email address or your phone number if there is no response in 3 minutes.